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    How can I check the duration of my fiber contract's permanence?

    The permanence period starts on the first day of service availability. You can check the installation date in your “Customer Area”.

    Days with the Pause Service activated will not be counted with regards to the minimum duration of the contract.

    The calculation of the permanence period will not be affected by promotions that involve a 100% reduction in the tariff cost.

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    How can I change my fiber/mobile/landline plan?

    Please contact our customer service by calling the number 1560 or at any Olin Store.

    How can I change the ownership of my fiber/mobile/landline contract?

    Please contact our customer service by calling the number 1560 or at any Olin Store.

    What can I do if my bill has been returned or rejected?

    If you have received an SMS informing you that your bill has been rejected, please follow these steps to pay the debt.

    • If you have a debit or credit card, you can pay the debt in the “Pending Receipts” section of your “Customer Area.”
    • If you do not have a bank account, you can pay at any bank ATM or by transfer to our account: ES35 0081 7460 6500 0366 3569. Please note that when making the transfer, it is essential to indicate the payment concept, invoice number, the document number of the contract holder (DNI/NIE/Passport), and your full name.
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    What happens if I have paid my invoice late?

    In case of a bank return, an automatic expense will be generated for the management of the outstanding invoice; with a cost of 10€ including VAT.

    If it is a non-domiciled payment outside the deadline, there will be an additional cost for the reactivation of the service, corresponding to 10€ including VAT.

    What is the billing cycle or period?

    The corresponding amounts will be billed between the 1st and 10th of each following natural month after the provision of the service.

    Where can I download my invoices?

    You can access your invoices in your “Customer Area”. After logging in, go to the “My Invoices” section where you can choose the billing period you need and click “Consult”. You can then download your invoices by clicking “Detailed Invoice in PDF”.

    If I'm moving, can I transfer my internet service to my new address?

    Please contact our customer service by calling the number 1560 or visiting any Olin Store.

    How can I request to terminate my fiber/mobile/landline contract?

    Please contact our customer service by calling the number 1560.

    How can I request the cancellation of my contract?

    The customer has 14 calendar days from the date of the start of the provision of the Service (signature of the favourable installation report) which is the object of the Contract to withdraw from the Contract. During this period, only the days of service used will be invoiced. In the case that installation work has been carried out, this shall be paid for by the customer and, if it has been paid for previously, it will not be compensated, as it is an independent work contract. To exercise your right of withdrawal, you must notify us of your decision to withdraw from the contract using the withdrawal form below. You may send the communication exercising your right of withdrawal by e-mail to baja@olin.es or to the following address Avenida Miguel de Cervantes, S/N, Edificio Albatros V, local 11/12, 29660 Marbella (Málaga).

    How can I contact you if I am outside of Spain or calling from a foreign number?

    Please contact our customer service by calling +34 951 560 560.


    How long does it take to install Olin's fiber optic service?

    The installation period is usually between 3-7 working days, excluding situations with technical difficulties that require additional work or permits.

    How is the Olin fiber optic home installation carried out?

    The fiber optic installation consists of two stages: wiring and fusion + router connection. Both stages are performed on the same day, except in cases of technical difficulties. The installation usually takes between 2-3 hours.

    What should I do if my internet is not working at home?

    If the LOS indicator is red: This means that there is a WiFi signal but no optical signal is reaching the router through the fiber cable, and therefore you don’t have internet access.

    Follow these steps:

    • Check the condition of the fiber cable (usually yellow, sometimes white) that goes from the wall socket to the router. Make sure there are no visible damages or physical breaks, it’s not bent at angles greater than 90 degrees, it’s not caught on any furniture or carrying any weight, and it’s not too tight (it should have some slack).
    • Check the physical connection of the cable both at the wall socket and at the router. Disconnect and reconnect the cable at both ends, always making sure that the cable only has one correct orientation for connecting, which is identified by the small protrusion on both connectors.
    • If the issue is not resolved after these checks and manipulations, contact our customer service at number 1560 so that they can perform a general review of the area, rule out the possibility of a general incident on the street that affects several customers, and create the appropriate technical visit report.

    If the router doesn’t turn on and no light turns on: This means that there is no WiFi signal, either because the router is turned off or it doesn’t have power.

    Follow these steps:

    • Check the position of the physical power button located at the back of the router, as well as the power cable that connects the electrical outlet (plug) to the router itself.
    • Make sure it is properly connected at both ends and try plugging it into a different electrical outlet, in case the problem is due to the house’s outlet. We recommend that the router be connected directly to a wall socket, rather than through a power strip or surge protector. Also, make sure that there is power in the house and that it’s not a general technical problem.
    • If the issue is not resolved after these checks and manipulations, contact our customer service at number 1560 so that they can create the appropriate technical visit report.
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    Where can you find our fiber?

    At Olin we are present in different locations on the Andalusian and Murcian coast.

    Specifically, we are in towns on the Costa de la Luz such as La Línea de la Concepción, Chiclana de la Frontera, Huelva and Gibraleón.

    You can also find us in cities and municipalities on the Costa del Sol such as: Marbella, Mijas, Fuengirola, Benalmádena, Torremolinos, Alhaurín el Grande, Istán, Málaga, Estepona, Coín, Benahavís, Rincón de la Victoria and Manilva.

    You can also enjoy Olin’s fiber optics in Los Alcázares and Cartagena on the Costa Cálida.

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    How can I reactivate or temporarily suspend my fiber connection with the Stand By Service?

    To activate the Pause service, you can request it through your Customer Area, by calling the customer service number: 1560 or at any Olin Stores.

    The minimum period in which the service must be on Pause will be for full days, as long as there is an interval of 10 (ten) calendar days between the last reactivation of the service and the next suspension of the service. The deactivation of Pause (activation of the Service at the standard rate) can be done any day of the month, paying only for the days of active service.

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    What is Fiber Master?

    It is the fastest fiber on the market based on the best technology. It is a fiber with XG-PON technology and Wifi 6 connectivity, allowing speeds of up to 10Gbps download and 2.5Gbps upload to reach your home, enabling high-speed connectivity across all your devices.

    What benefits does Fiber Master offer me?

    You will have the maximum internet connection speed in your home or business, allowing you to make the most out of each of your devices. You can have multiple devices connected and browsing at maximum speed simultaneously.

    For example, if you have two computers, four smartphones, two tablets, and two Smart TVs operating simultaneously in your home, each device can reach up to 1Gb of speed, the maximum supported by current devices, reaching a total of 10Gb of speed to your router.

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    Where will Fiber Master 10Gb be available?

    Now available in the following locations: Benahavís, Benalmádena, Casares, Chiclana de la Frontera, Estepona, Fuengirola, Istán, Las Lagunas, Marbella, Mijas, Ojén, San Martin Del Tesorillo and San Pedro Alcántara.

    Where can I sign up for Fiber Master?

    You can sign up through all our sales channels. Keep in mind that it is subject to technical availability. Find our nearest Olin Store and inquire.

    What is the maximum speed I can achieve per device with Fiber Master?

    Maximum speed per Wifi 6 compatible device on the 5 GHz frequency is up to 1.2 Gbps download via Wifi.

    Maximum speed per LAN port compatible device of 1 Gbps is up to 1 Gbps.

    How many devices can I connect with Fiber Master?

    The router we currently offer allows for 4 LAN connections, and you can connect as many devices as you need through Wifi.

    What can I do with Fiber Master?

    • Enhance the performance of your devices as they will have a higher bandwidth to utilize.
    • Watch movies and series in the best 4K quality on multiple screens.
    • Download content much faster.
    • Efficiently work from home.
    • Improved responsiveness in gaming.
    • High-quality video calls without degradation, pixelation, or communication interruptions when multiple devices are connected.

    How can I determine if my device is compatible with Wifi 6 to make the most of Fiber Master?

    a) Check the box of your device, it should have the WiFi 6 Certified label displayed.

    b) Look up the product’s technical specifications. It may appear as WiFi 6 or by its standard name, IEEE 802.11ax. It can also appear as Wifi 802.11ax or Wi-Fi b, g, n, ac, ax.

    c) There are also various websites that can provide information. We recommend visiting the official website of Wi-Fi.org where, by entering the product name, it displays the technical specifications.

    What if my device is not compatible with Wifi 6?

    No worries, this technology is backward compatible, so you won’t have any issues, but the device won’t be able to fully utilize the internet speed. However, you can still make the most of your Fiber Master with all your devices.

    What is the maximum duration of suspension of service?

    The maximum duration of suspension of the Service is 180 days in a calendar year (between 1 January and 31 December).

    If the permitted limit is exceeded, the Service will be automatically reinstated and billed according to the plan chosen. The customer will be notified by e-mail when the product is activated. In the case of automatic reactivation of the service due to non-compliance with the condition, the customer will not be able to return to the suspension of the service until 1 January of the following year. Once the new year begins, the customer will be responsible for requesting a new suspension if required.

    The calculation of the maximum days that a service must be active will be prorated in the event that the service has not been active for a calendar year.

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    Can I schedule a future suspension if my service has already been paused?

    When the customer’s service is suspended due to a pause, it will not be possible to proceed with the programming of another suspension in the future. On the other hand, with the service suspended, the customer will be able to request its reactivation, either at the moment or in the future by defining an exact date.

    If I have contracted a convergent plan ( fiber + mobile), can I pause all the services of the package?

    The application of the “Pause” service will be applied exclusively to the fibre product when Convergent Services have been contracted, with the mobile service being billed in full, without the possibility of obtaining the benefits of the convergent plan discounts.

    What is the Friend Plan?

    It is a plan to share and enjoy our services with your friends, and get an additional benefit for it. For each fiber contracted by your friends you will receive 50€ each. You can use up to 100% discount every month for your next bills.

    Who can benefit from the Friend Plan?

    All fiber customers can invite their friends. Except for those who are in debt to Olin.

    What happens if my bill is less than my monthly discount capacity?

    The amount will be deducted from your bill and the rest will remain in your bag for use on future bills. For example: If your bag is 150€ (for inviting 3 friends), but if your bill is 45€, only 45€ will be deducted and the rest is available in your bag for the next billing.

    How can I invite my friends to join Olin?

    In your Customer Area you will find the “Bonos” section, where you can see the details of the codes you have available. Each code is unique, so you can only use one code per friend. You must send the code in the “Numeración” column, and your friend must provide it when signing up for fiber.

    When does the discount become effective?

    Once your friend’s fiber has been installed.


    How long does the process of number portability to Olin take?

    The action of bringing a telephone number from one operator to another is known as portability. As a general rule, portability takes 2 working days from its request and becomes effective once you receive an SMS informing you of the change of operator. From then on, you can insert the Olin SIM card and start using it.

    What mobile phone coverage does Olin use?

    Yoigo, Orange and Movistar.

    How can I activate/deactivate roaming?

    You can activate and deactivate roaming for your line within your “Customer Area”. After logging in, go to the “My mobile phone” section and select the “Activate roaming/Deactivate roaming” option. Your request will be processed in about 10 minutes.

    I've run out of GB on my mobile, can I activate a data bundle and how can I do it?

    Of course, you can do it in the “My mobile phone” section within your “Customer Area” or by calling our customer service number 1560.


    How can I access the TV?

    When you activate the service, you will receive an email indicating your username and password.

    To watch ZAPI on the web, go to this link: Zapi TV and click on “Ver Zapi” (Watch Zapi), where it will prompt you for your Username and Password.

    To watch ZAPI on a mobile device or tablet, download the ZAPI app from your operating system’s app store (App Store or Google Play). Once downloaded, open the app and log in with your username and password.

    To watch ZAPI on a Smart TV, download the ZAPI app from the TV’s app store, open the application, and log in with your username and password. And you’re ready to go.

    To watch ZAPI on TV through AirPlay and Chromecast, access the device and download the ZAPI app, open the app, and log in with your username and password.

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    On which devices is it available?

    It is available on the following devices:

    On the Zapi TV website

    On your mobile phone or tablet (Android/iOS) – You can download the Zapi app from the App Store and Google Play.

    Requires Android 7 or higher

    iPhone requires iOS 13.0 or later.

    iPad requires iPadOS 13.0 or later.

    iPod touch requires iOS 13.0 or later.

    Smart TVs: Samsung Smart TV (Tizen), LG Smart TV (WebOS), and Android TV.

    Devices compatible with AirPlay and Chromecast.

    How many devices can be connected in a single day?

    Throughout the day, up to 5 different devices can be connected. After 24 hours, devices can be removed and new ones can be added (up to a maximum of 5).

    How many simultaneous screens can broadcast content?

    Depending on the contracted product, there can be 2 or 4 simultaneous screens.

    What should I do if I forget my password?

    It’s very simple, you can request a password reset directly on the website by clicking on “Forgot your password?” It will ask for your username and send you a new password by email. You will receive the new password by email. You can then personalize it.

    Can I customize my password?

    Yes, by accessing your client area on the following platform: Zapi TV. Log in with your username and password. A menu will appear. Go to security and personalize your access password.

    Can I watch recorded content?

    Recordings from the last 7 days are available, accessible for up to 30 days.

    Can I download content?

    With ZAPI, you can download all available content for offline viewing on tablets, mobile phones, and PCs.

    How do I activate parental control PIN?

    Access your client area on the following platform: Zapi TV. Log in with your username and password. A menu will appear. Go to Parental Pin and personalize your parental control PIN

    How do I configure parental control?

    By accessing the platform, clicking on your profile, a menu will appear. Select settings, where you will find an option to enable or disable parental control and its specific configuration, such as age or channel blocking. It will prompt you for the parental control PIN.

    Can I set up independent profiles?

    Yes, the platform comes with a “Home” profile that cannot be deleted and allows you to create 3 additional profiles. Access the profile, go to settings, and there you can manage the new profiles.

    I can't find the Zapi app on my device.

    If you have already verified that your TV is compatible, make sure you have logged into Google with a Spanish account. When loading the app store, Google Play, or Google TV, it prompts you for a user, and if that user is not from Spain, Google or Apple may not show the Zapi app as available.

    Can I watch content outside of Spain?


    How can I change the platform's language?

    The platform allows you to configure the language in Spanish or English.

    On the web: Access the platform through the web, go to the bottom left, and you will find the option to configure the language.

    On mobile and tablet, it detects the language configured on your phone.

    On Smart TV: Access the app, go to the top right, click on the gear icon > general > application language > English.

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    How can I get the OlinTV decoder?

    By contracting the OlinTV service you can request the decoder in rental or purchase mode.

    If you are already using OlinTV, please visit one of our stores and request the decoder in any of its contract modalities.

    How do I know I can connect it to my TV?

    The decoder only needs an HDMI connection on your TV and Internet connection, which can be via Wi-Fi or via cable to your router. We recommend that you connect it via cable if possible.

    How do I connect it to my TV?

    The decoder is very easy to connect. In case you need help you can download a manual at this link or you can also watch the following video.

    Can I request help from a technician at my home for the installation of the decoder?

    Yes, please contact us and request the installation with a technician. The cost of the installation is 40 euros plus VAT.

    The decoder is not working anymore, what should I do?

    Please contact our customer service. We will validate the failure, and if applicable, the equipment is covered by a warranty, so it will be replaced, on the other hand, if the failure is attributable to misuse, you must replace the equipment and pay the corresponding charge.

    What are the ways of acquiring the decoder?

    You can acquire it under the rental modality at a price of 2 € per month or purchase it for 60 €.

    Can I rent more than one decoder?

    No, only one decoder can be rented per customer. If you want additional decoders you will have to purchase them.

    What is inside the decoder box?

    The box of the decoder comes with: the decoder, the remote control, 2 batteries, the power connection cable, the HDMI connection cable and a manual.

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