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    Go all out

    Free installation*
    No landline
    Own fiber
    Quality technical

    *Basic Installation Cost €120. Reduced cost with the client's acceptance of a 12-month stay.



    What is it?

    We provide Internet access through our own fiber optic network (FTTO). With XGPON technology, we can offer our services with speeds of up to 10Gbps to businesses, offices, restaurants, business centers, hotels, golf courses, town halls, hospitals, etc.

    You can also inquire about professional circuits and redundant fiber connections.


    IP Telephony

    What is it?

    We offer IP telephony or ToIP (Telephony over Internet Protocol) which establishes communications over the Internet. The voice signal is sent in the form of data packets over the Internet (voice over IP) or a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

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    You can make calls to conventional phone numbers, such as geographic numbers, mobile numbers, nomadic numbers, and/or special rates numbers (902, 900, 800…), as well as have a geographic number for your company.



    With our individual SIP Line service, you will enjoy a telephone line to make and receive calls from your work or mobile application.


    SIP Trunk is a very beneficial and simple solution for companies that already have their own switchboard, but need voice traffic to have a competitive price.

    National and

    A service for your company to be identified with an associated number. For international numbers, calls are diverted to a real line in Spain.

    To Mail

    This service will allow you to send and receive faxes from any email platform.


    Virtual Switchboard (Olin PBX)

    What is it?

    This service will allow your company to have all the advantages of a high-end telephone switchboard: extensions, free calls between extensions and offices, virtual numbers, personalized voicemail, call forwarding, incoming call recording, etc. in a comfortable and simple way.

    All this will be managed through a simple web interface. In addition, Olin PBX offers you the possibility of integrating telephony into your management system (CRM), facilitating the identification and attention tasks to your customers, improving your company’s image and user satisfaction.

    This service is aimed at all types of companies that, due to their size, geographical distribution, or strategic reasons, do not want to depend on equipment that becomes quickly obsolete or that see access to a high-performance switchboard as unviable.

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    Single monthly fee
    Real-time virtual switchboard configuration
    Scalable solution without extension limits
    Own geographic numbering or portability
    Variation of equipment (VOIP phones, wireless VOIP phones)
    Multisite solution
    Compatible with any Internet access

    Intelligent Wi-Fi

    What is it?

    The Intelligent Wi-Fi service will allow you to offer a free connection in your office and premises while protecting your private network. In addition, it will allow you to collect commercial information about your customers to know their consumption habits when they are in your business.


    Know your customers

    Collect information about your customers such as their age, average stay time, visit schedule, or interests on social networks.


    Protect your network by separating it from public Wi-Fi and preventing attacks or leaks of your company’s private documents.


    Customize the Wi-Fi login portal with your company’s promotions.


    Avoid slow Internet connection by regulating your customers’ consumption at all times.

    Allows a connection of up to 30 devices at maximum speed.
    Beyond that threshold, the speed will decrease.

    Who is it aimed at?

    Intelligent Wi-Fi for companies is aimed at all those companies that want to exploit the potential of their Wi-Fi connection, offering a free connectivity service to your customers and obtaining valuable information from current or future customers.

    Sectors with high potential for using the Wi-Fi Client solution:

    Restaurants and cafeterias
    Fashion stores
    Waiting rooms
    Beauty centers
    Physiotherapy and massage clinics
    Meeting rooms
    Retail stores or public venues

    Mobile Telephony for Businesses

    What is it?

    A new world of mobile communications aimed at companies, SMEs and self-employed professionals. Agile communication solutions that respond to the pace of your activity and with the flexibility to adapt rates to the specific needs of your business or company.

    Personalized attention from a commercial advisor

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